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No matter how safe you ride, you can’t prevent a crash caused by the negligence of another driver. But when motorcyclists face insurance companies, they can face unfair stereotypes that affect the value of their claims. At Sam Aguiar Injury Lawyers, we know the risks motorcyclists face on the road, and we’re here to help ensure your side of the story gets heard.

You shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault. Before you sign any paperwork from the insurance company, contact our Louisville motorcycle accident lawyers. With our No Fee Guarantee®, you won’t pay us attorney’s fees unless we get money for you.*

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Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Kentucky

Many factors can contribute to a motorcycle accident, but some of the most common causes seen by our injury lawyers include:

  • Failure to yield
    Drivers often fail to look for motorcycles at intersections, especially while entering roadways or turning left.
  • Distracted driving
    Phone calls, smartphone applications, and passengers can distract drivers from seeing motorcyclists until its too late to prevent an accident.
  • Unsafe road conditions
    Potholes, construction debris, and inadequate warning signage put bikers at risk of being thrown from their motorcycles while riding.

If you were hurt on a motorcycle and it wasn’t your fault, you have rights. Contact Sam Aguiar today for a free case review.

The Difference Between Car Accident & Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

Even though motorcycle accidents involve collisions with cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles, these types of personal injury cases need to be handled differently than general automobile wrecks. Motorcyclists are openly exposed on the road and much more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries in the event of an accident, such as brain damage, spinal injuries, and broken bones. The serious nature of these injuries means longer hospital stays, expensive rehabilitation, and missed time at work.You need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Louisville who can maximize your claim with the insurance company and ensure all your expenses are covered.

Another factor that differentiates motorcycle accidents from car accidents is state motorway laws. For example, in Tennessee, all motorcyclists are requires to wear helmets, but in Kentucky, riders are only required by law to wear helmets until the age of 21, after which it is up to the rider's own discretion. Whether or not you were following the law at the time of your motorcycle accident can impact your case, especially if it goes to trial. Our team at Sam Aguiar Injury Lawyers has handled many motorcycle accidents cases and knows the ins and outs of state motorway laws from Kentucky to Tennessee and Indiana. You can trust our experience to recover the compensation you deserve!

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At Sam Aguiar Injury Lawyers, we know motorcycle law in Kentucky, and we want to help you get compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. There’s no risk or obligation to get a free case review, and we can even arrange to meet you off-site or on the weekend. Dial (502) 785-3822 or fill out our free online form to get started now.

* In accordance with KBA regulations, we must inform you that case and court costs may be the responsibility of the client.

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