Don't Hire a Basketball Coach for a Football Team

In Amazon best-selling A Cup of Coffee With 10 of the Top Personal Injury Attorneys in the United States, Sam observed that you wouldn’t hire a basketball coach to train your football team. Even though they are both team sports, the skills necessary to excel are very different for each. This principle extends to accident victims seeking representation for their injuries. Although these victims may believe every attorney knows every aspect about every area of the law, that is far from the truth.

At Sam Aguiar Injury Lawyers, we hear many people refer to their “family lawyer,” an attorney who represents their families in all legal matters. These family lawyers often handle various cases from unrelated fields, from criminal defense and traffic tickets to real estate deals and managing estates.

The Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys state:

A lawyer must provide competent representation to a client. Competent representation requires the legal knowledge, skill, thoroughness and preparation reasonably necessary for the representation.

Unfortunately, these “one stop shop” lawyers may not be the best representation possible for your personal injury case, especially contrasted with an attorney that works with accident victims every day. This is not meant as a criticism of other lawyers or a claim that their representation is not as competent as required by the rules, but as an illustration that the law is too broad for one person to master and that you may not be getting the best knowledge and experience to fight for your injury claim.

Hiring an injury attorney will help you to get beyond just competent legal representation and lead you to great legal representation. A basketball coach may be able to teach football players universal basics such as teamwork and discipline, but would struggle with the nuances of football, like reading an offense. The same goes for lawyers and the specialized knowledge it takes to obtain the best possible outcome for your injury case.


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