3 Tips for a Safe Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby and Oaks races are events wrapped in our state’s tradition. In just about a week, thousands of horse racing enthusiasts will descend upon the area for the annual events. Whether they are there for the horses or the society, it’s sure to be one for the books. The lawyers at Sam Aguiar want to help ensure your Derby experience is safe and memorable (for the right reasons).

Here are 3 tips for a safe Kentucky Derby:

  1. Drink responsibly. Although responsible drinking should be an everyday discipline, it’s especially crucial at the Kentucky Derby. Alcohol consumption makes a long day in the heat even more taxing on the body. If you’ve had too much, the last thing you should do is get behind the wheel. There are far too many safe transportation alternatives available to you to risk your life and the lives of others by driving under the influence.
  2. Make arrangements ahead of time. One of the biggest dangers on Derby days is road congestion. You can expect thousands more cars on the road and traffic to be heavy in the Louisville area. Whether or not you’re attending the Derby, it’s a good idea to plan transportation ahead of time and carpool if possible. Ride sharing services are great for getting you where you’re going without adding another vehicle to the already crowded Downs parking lots.
  3. Drive defensively. If you must drive, look out for drunk and aggressive drivers while heading to and coming from the event. You can’t control what other drivers do on the road, but you can be aware so you have the best chance of reacting quickly when the time comes.

The Kentucky Derby is a tradition we are all proud of. Wherever you celebrate this year, we encourage you do so safely and responsibly. And hopefully we’ll see you out there!


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