Sam Aguiar Files Lawsuit Against LMPD After Deadly Shooting

Unlawful use of deadly force by law enforcement agencies is one of the most important issues currently raising national headlines. On August 8, 2016, Louisville police used deadly force against 57-year-old Darnell Wicker, a deaf man who was a father to two daughters. Mr. Wicker was shot numerous times while walking out his front door. Mr. Wicker was holding a pruning saw by his side, as he was gathering his landscaping equipment and loading them into the white bucket of tools which was also by his side.

The officers never identified themselves as police and had cut off their blue lights before entering the parking lot. The three officers fired eight or more shots at Mr. Wicker less than 3 seconds after making their first verbal command to him. Mr. Wicker never charged or lunged at the officers. After shooting Mr. Wicker, none of the officers attempted any first aid on him. He eventually died on the scene from gunshot wounds. The officer videos may be viewed here.

Sam represents the daughters in their lawsuit against these officers and the department. Sam and his team hope to not only obtain proper justice for the daughters, but also to resolve the case in a manner which will result in change of police policies which would benefit the entire community.
All citizens have protected constitutional rights. Officers and law enforcement agencies may not use deadly force under circumstances where it is unjustified.

This case is a testament to the surviving family’s courage and composure in the face of horrific violence. We ask that anyone with information which could potentially assist in this case reach out to Sam to discuss.


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