Tracy Morgan May Have Lost His Career

This time last year, comedian Tracy Morgan was at the top of his game. He was a famous entertainer, and his agent was fielding numerous scripts, proposals, and requests for special appearances. Morgan was even slated to star in a new television show. Last summer, though, a tractor-trailer collided with Morgan’s vehicle on a highway. While the 30 Rock star survived the crash, he sustained a brain injury that may render him unable to perform again.

Brain injuries are difficult for many people to understand because they are not the kind of injury you can easily see. Some brain injury patients do not even have visible scars from the trauma. Sometimes, the brain injury goes unnoticed for a period of time after a traumatic blow, and the patient slowly begins to notice and complain of the symptoms.

Brain injuries can disrupt an accident victim’s life more than other bodily injuries, though. There is no prosthetic or life aid that can make up for lost brain functionality. Since that functionality determines how well we process information, whether we can form memories, and what cognitive abilities we bring to our everyday lives, a severe brain injury can change a person’s life beyond repair. At Aguiar Injury Lawyers, we have seen lives change dramatically – careers lost, marriages dissolved, and dreams destroyed – as the eventual results of serious brain injuries. Everything can change completely, and while there are therapies available, there is no way to erase all of the damage from a traumatic brain injury.

Just because a brain injury is invisible to the naked eye does not mean that it does not matter. Because of Tracy Morgan’s injury, his ability to speak and process information may be forever impaired. His entertainment career may be over, no matter how well the rest of his body may mend. The best treatment that money can buy cannot restore his brain to its pre-accident condition. His injured brain may make him more vulnerable to other ailments, such as early-onset Alzheimer’s. It may interfere with basic motor functioning. And, tragically, it may lock up the information-processing and memory skills that have allowed Morgan to deliver the stand-up comedy routines that made him a star.

Perhaps aware of the magnitude of the damage, the owner of the tractor-trailer is fighting Morgan’s personal injury claim in federal court. We imagine that Morgan has a skilled personal injury team that will fiercely pursue his civil remedies, but make no mistake – what Morgan may have lost could be the priceless blessings that many of us take for granted every day. For our brain injury clients, we keep this harsh reality in mind when we pursue their claims. A healthy brain is a precious resource, and there is nothing funny when it is compromised by vehicular negligence.


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