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  • Personal Injury Case Types

A personal injury claim can be used to compensate a victim for the negligent or intentional actions of others. Unfortunately, many accident victims do not realize that their injuries may be the result of another person’s negligence, leaving them uncompensated for their injuries and often buried in debt. There are many types of personal injury claims, including: motor vehicle collisions, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, nursing home abuse, slip and falls, animal bites, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, ATV accidents, wrongful death and workers' compensation. At Aguiar Injury Lawyers, we know that injuries sustained in these types of accidents can be life altering. We are here to help you obtain compensation for past and future medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, so that you may focus on your recovery. If you have suffered an injury due to the carelessness of another party, you may be eligible to recover monetary compensation.

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Auto - Car accidents are extremely common. The addition of technology such as cellular phones, tablet computers, and e-readers adds to the many distractions that drivers already face. Drivers everywhere are paying less attention to their surroundings, often leading to vehicle collisions. As a result, the victim of a negligent driver may face serious injury, permanent disability, and financial ruin.

Tractor Trailer - Every 16 minutes, a person is injured or dies in an accident involving a tractor-trailer, or semi-truck. The majority of accidents involving tractor-trailers are caused by the negligence of the truck driver, often due to driver fatigue.

Motorcycle - Statistics maintained by the Kentucky State Police prove that deaths and injuries resulting from motorcycle collisions are steadily increasing. Unfortunately, distracted drivers often do not see motorcycles until it is too late to avoid an accident.

Seniors are the patriarchs and foundation of our community. As such, they deserve to be treated with respect. If you or a loved one has suffered from neglect, malnutrition, dehydration, medication errors, or bed sores Aguiar Injury Lawyers may be able to help protect the rights of you or your loved one.

People are often injured while on the premises of a shopping center or on the property of another. It is possible to collect compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering if you have sustained injuries while on the property of another.

The Kentucky Department of Workers' Claims reported that in 2012 nearly 33,850 workers were injured on the job and had to miss time from work. Are you one of those injured workers? Contact Aguiar Injury Lawyers to see if you may be eligible for lost time wages, payment of medical bills and vocational rehabilitation.

Approximately 1 out of every 500 women who were given the Mirena® Intrauterine Device have suffered serious side effects from the medication. If you have experienced serious side effects due to the Mirena® IUD or complications from the insertion of the Mirena® IUD, you may be eligible to receive compensation for the injuries caused by the Mirena® IUD.

The death of a loved one by the negligent or intentional acts of another can be one of the hardest situations that individuals face. While it is impossible to replace the time lost with your loved one as a result of an incident, it is often possible for the survivors of the deceased to obtain compensation for their loss.

Most pedestrian accidents are the result of a distracted motor vehicle driver. This is why you should always be sure to use a marked crosswalk while crossing the street. If you have been injured while walking along the sidewalk or crossing the street, contact Aguiar Injury Lawyers today.

Bicycle riders share the roadway with motor vehicles. Unfortunately, this often means that distracted drivers do not see bicycle riders in time to avoid an accident. If you have been injured by a motor vehicle while riding a bicycle, contact Aguiar Injury Lawyers today.

Riding an ATV is typically a fun, recreational activity. However, you should operate an ATV with the same regard for passengers and others as when driving a car. The negligent acts of others can often lead to serious injuries. If you have been injured in an ATV accident, contact Aguiar Injury Lawyers today.

Animal bites, especially dog bites, are targeted most commonly at young children. Every dog has the potential to become aggressive. A vicious dog can attack with little warning, leading to traumatic health issues and emotional stress. If you or a loved one were bitten by an animal, Aguiar Injury Lawyers may be able to help.